The first time I felt Jesus inviting me into this mission was 2008, while in the USA as a volunteer at Wheaton college church, and specifically at a Joni and Friends Family Retreat for parents and their children with special needs. God spoke to my heart from Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone.”

When I returned to Uganda and shared this call, I encountered several challenges – most people thought it was simply impossible. They thought it was costly. Some churches I approached declined on grounds of not having access or facilities for such a group. Furthermore, care for the disabled was perceived as a contradiction to the doctrine of healing ministries preferred to access the “healed” than those who are disabled.

The turning point was when God connected me to an advocate for the disabled in 2016 he gave an awareness talk at my local church.  In response to his sharing. 2 families picked up the courage to bring forward their children for special support. Ever since God had grown us to supporting 44 beneficiaries.

The moment I surrendered to God’s call, it became a faith venture every day and I continue to trust and depend on God daily for this life-transforming ministry. Children with disabilities need love, care, and the good news of Jesus Christ just like everyone else. Sadly, society has written them off – they are kept behind doors, with no chance at life.

Our passion at Stars Ministry Uganda (SMU) is to create a positive environment for the children with disabilities (Stars) so they can have a safe place to develop and to be loved and cared for. In most cases when parents are at work and siblings at school, those with disabilities are left alone either locked in the house or outside without any care. My appeal is for you to pray with us and also to consider supporting us in this unique ministry journey.

Mrs. Kalyebara Sylvia – Director