Khaitsa Noirine

Khaista Noirine is Africa senior program support specialist -supporter engagement at compassion international. A role she’s served in for the last —– years. Before this, Noirine served as —- at compassion Uganda country office, a rank she rose through having initially served as a Child Development officer – sponsor -Donor relations at Bumasikye Child Development center.

Noirine is a role model for young people and an advocate for Children and Families.

Noirine’s strong Christian values coupled with her distinctive sense of optimism have compelled her to dedicate her life to helping children and young people regardless of their background.

Among her friends, Noirine is God-fearing, kind, caring, and selfless. Whoever approaches her with a need will be met with equal love and devotion, not because she has a lot but because she has a big heart. This has earned her friends of all ages, races, and social status.

Noirine continues her efforts to support and inspire children and young people through her work and active Church involvement.

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